120 Writing

Every Draft, Every Trashed File

On Craft: Scrivener is my saving grace. I’ve been working on a novel for three years now. Three years translates to endless drafts and more than a hundred thousand words, most of which are probably worthless. However, Scrivener has been a champ. It keeps everything organized, every draft, every trashed file. Between it and Dropbox, I’ve got my sword and shield.

On Creativity: I completed a survey this morning. One of the questions was about my hobbies. It didn’t occur to me until facing the question that I have no real hobbies. I watch YouTube videos about other people’s hobbies. I listen to audiobooks. I fantasize about living in a town that’s so small everything shuts down at 7PM.

On Me: It’s the time of year where I tell myself I’m going to be more responsible with my spending to so I can buy a house in a town so small everything shuts down at 7PM!

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