Whose Big Idea Is This Anyway?

So… who’s the nut with the failure plan?

Turn around. It’s me. I’m the lady who sits behind you in church. I’m the loud lady who always has her hands lifted; who spends one Sunday bellowing about the Lord’s goodness and then the next Sunday drowning in her own unbelief. I’m the lady who spent praise & worship balling about her empty ring finger, her dissatisfaction with her 9-5, and the worries she has about her teenage son. Look around. See if you can find me.

What am I being so dramatic about? What do I want? Well, that’s easy.

  1. TO WRITE… I want to write professionally.
  2. AN MFA… I want to pursue my master’s degree. (We’ll talk more about that later.)
  3. TO LET THE KID GROW UP… I want to stop suffocating my son.
  4. TO EXPAND MY CIRCLE… I want friends. I want to meet an Idris Elba look alike and make my last name his last name 🙂

Let’s be honest. I have no idea how I’m going to accomplish any of these things. I’m not even sure if it’s realistic to believe that I can. But I’m committed to doing the work. Over the next year, I’m going to do the work and write about it here. And I’ll start with trying and failing (and trying again) on my MFA. Stay tuned.