Failing People

I am an introvert! Let’s just put it out there. And not only that, I’m busy introvert. There’s a strong possibility I may be busy with things I don’t need to be doing – but that’s beside the point.

This week I’ve noticed my patience with others has waned to nil. When I’ve been in the zone, any attempt to get me out has been met with annoyance and frustration. Every chatty telephone call has felt like a personal attack. It’s felt like my loved ones are personally trying to distract me from taking care of business.

And I know that’s not true.

I love people. I love my family. Relationships are important. Where I think my struggle lies (besides taking everything personally) is in the assumption that everyone knows how important my activities are to me; and that they understand that as a full-time employee, single mother, and student, every free moment is precious because free moments are rare.

This week, I have to figure out how manage my relationships or I may go nuts. I need help. I need more sensitivity. I’m failing at nearly every relationship besides the one I have with my son. I need time-management help. I need every kind of help there possibly is.