A Whole Bunch of Writers

I’m writing from the sky! (Excuse the terrible picture.)

The 2017 Spring/Fall residency is over and I am both incredibly thankful and exhausted. Nine days, four workshops, three social engagements, two mentor meetings, two public readings, and too many seminars to count, and I feel like I’ve interacted with more writers in the past week than I have all year!

Which leads me to the purpose of this post: if you need motivation, if you’re looking for inspiration, or maybe an opportunity to network, or you want to strengthen your craft skills – apply to an MFA program. If you can’t do that (which I totally understand), join or begin your own writers’ group. Find yourself some writer friends!

There’s nothing in the world like connecting with other writers. There’s nothing more motivating than having published authors, men and women who have already experienced the success you desire, take you and your work seriously. And you get that in an MFA program.

Though I’ve never been more worn out in my life, I’m excited about my writing. I’m excited about the people I connected with during the residency, and I’m also pumped for the reading assignments I’ll have over the next five months. And I know for sure, that if I do it right, I’ll end up with one hundred pages of new material. If I do it right, I’ll be one step closer to checking off one of my goals.